Creative ways to use leftover moving boxes

A moving box

Moving is, in addition to being challenging and exhausting, a messy affair. Once it is done, you are pretty much sure to have plenty of packaging material to deal with! Boxes are the most numerous and typically either thrown out or used to store something again temporarily. However, that is not all boxes are suitable for! There are many ways in which you can use them. It might be hard to come up with them on the spot, though. So, we have decided to share some of those ways with you, with our guide to creative ways to use leftover moving boxes!

Organic flower pots

Once you are done moving, and the most important things have been unpacked, you naturally want to start putting your new home in order. Flowers are one of the things people gravitate to in such circumstances. Well, the moving boxes you had just used can be an excellent organic flower pot! The process of making such pots is simple. All you need to do is take the box and poke some holes in the bottom so that water can easily flow out. You can, of course, color or put stickers on the outside if you want to pretty them up a bit! You can use such a flower pot until the cardboard becomes swollen and brittle and simply compost it.

Drawer divider

Days immediately after a move are often chaotic and disorganized, and your drawers will likely look like a jumble of random items until you have time to sort it all out. Thankfully, the situation can be easily improved! All you have to do is cut up the sides of your moving boxes into sizes that fit into your drawers, and voila - cheap and effective dividers. You do not need to keep them long-term, but it is easy to decorate them, so nothing stops you from it! In addition, it will help a bunch to place every item in its own divider and move on in the chaos of unpacking.

Shopping basket

When you are moving, you check several different types of moving boxes to find the ones best for you. This means the boxes you choose will likely be of high quality and maybe even quite pretty on their own. So, make a shopping basket out of them. All you need are some screw bolts, an old belt or bag strap, cloth or decorative paper, and glue or, preferably, spray adhesive. If your boxes are pretty enough already, you can eschew the cloth and decorative paper. Alternatively, you can use them to cover your box and attach it to the sides using the adhesives we mentioned. The fabric can come from an old T-shirt that’s no longer usable. Finally, make holes in the box for the screw bolts, and attach your preferred handle. Such a shopping basket is durable and can be pretty stylish.


It is ridiculously easy to make frames out of cardboard! The first thing you need to do is cut out shapes suitable for framing. Then, you can decorate the cardboard using decorative paper, paint it, or have your kids scribble and draw on it. Once that’s done, you need to properly glue the pieces together and cut four triangles out of paper. You will put the triangles on the back of your frame in the corners and only glue their edges to the cardboard so you can slot your picture in.

Cup coasters

Similarly easy and very child-friendly! All you do is cut the shapes you want and then decorate. This is another excellent chance to involve the kids, and they will love leaving their drawings on items they get to use daily. To make it easier to draw, you can glue regular paper to the cardboard, which would also help cover the rough edges. Of course, they are easy to damage and will eventually spoil, but that can be an excellent excuse to have your kids make more and keep them interested in using the coasters. It will also offer a perfect chance for your family to distress after the move! After all, reducing stress is as important as finding a good moving company.

A kid drawing
Involving kids in creative ways to use leftover moving boxes is always rewarding due to spending time together!

Cardboard fortress

This is a bit harder to make and will take some time and dedication. However, your kids are sure to love it! Of course, you can involve your kids, get their input, and help with decorating both the outside and inside. The decoration is not the tricky part. The hard part is gluing everything together well enough to maintain its shape despite its size.


Another project that will test your creative talents! It is surprisingly smart to make it out of cardboard since you can use the bends already present in it for the parts of the house that need to open up. Keep in mind the toys your kids like to play with since if you make the house too small or too big, they might not want to use it.

An impressive cardboard creation
This is one of best creative ways to use leftover moving boxes for people skilled in arts and crafts!

Cat climbing posts

Easy to make and decorate! All you have to do is shorten the walls of your boxes, or make ‘doors’ in them, and make holes for string or some other way of hanging them. We also recommend you position them in a way so your cats can jump directly from one to the next all the way to the top. You can also make a pole out of the cardboard by rolling and gluing it together and attaching the posts to it, but it is harder to keep it stable. The best part is, if you take the time to pretty up the appearance, it can be an excellent way to add a touch of decoration even to a rental apartment.

A cat in a box
Cats seem naturally drawn to boxes, so they are sure to use their new climbing posts.

Final Words

With our guide to creative ways to use leftover moving boxes coming to an end, we hope that you already have your eyes set on what you want to do with yours! A toy for your pets, a functional alternative for your home, or a simple decoration. Whatever you decide to go with, you can’t go wrong. Just remember to always have fun while you engage in the arts and crafts! If you have the chance, you can even make it a family event and involve your kids. It’d be a fun and exciting occasion for them, and if you decide to make something for them, you would know exactly how they want it done. Even if the result is a little subpar due to their skills, it doesn’t matter. As long as they are happy, it will all be worth it!

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